Duke Nukem Forever Cheats Enabler

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F2 – Toggle God Mode
F3 – Maximum Ego
F4 – All Weapons & Inventory
F5 – Toggle Unlimited Ammo
F6 – Toggle Clip Mode
F7 – Toggle Fly Mode
F8 – FreezeUnfreeze Time
F9 – Toggle Invisibility
F10 – Take Screenshot
F11 – Toggle Shrink Mode
F12 – Toggle 3rd person view

If you have the Steam or Skidrow version use the user.ini from the Steam folder!
Razor 1911 version: Copy user.ini to “Duke Nukem ForeverSystem”Steam version: Copy to “%ProgramFiles%SteamUserdatarandomnumber57900Remote”
Skidrow version Win Vista/7: “%UserProfile%AppDataLocalSKIDROW57900Storage”Skidrow Win XP: “%UserProfile%Local SettingsApplication DataSKIDROW57900Storage”

                                       Don’t forget to make a backup of the original file!