[Crack] BiteSMS 5.5

Update 2 : Version 5.5 released ! Crack (without Ads) is out !! (Credits to Fabius)


* Now JailbreakMe 3.0 compatible.

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Step 3.

Now you can download freely   

Please uninstall any previous version of biteSMS and respring before installing this!!!

If you encountered any issue of Cydia crashes caused by "overinstalling" instead of "uninstall previous - install new", just do this:
- Respring
- Via SSH or MobileTerminal type this:

        su root[ Enter your root password (default is: alpine) ]

        dpkg -r bitesms

- You'll get an error messagge
- Open Cydia, it will notice you that there's a half installed package (biteSMS). Select to forcibly clear it.
- Respring
- Install biteSMS 5.4
- Respring