The Sims Social Hack 2012

The Sims Social Hack tool 2012 is a very useful tool designed to boost your gaming techniques in Facebook game called The Sims Social. Now you can beat your friends in no time. This specially coded tool programmed to get maximum cheats. Now without doing much work, you can get unlimited Energy, experience level, simoleons, simcash and much more. The Sims Social Hack tool is 100% safe and you can get anything you want to be ahead of your friends in The Sims Social game.
sims social hack 2012 241x300 The Sims Social Hack 2012
Features of The Sims Social Hack Tool
  • Energy Hack – Just put the value in digits and gets the Energy you want.
  • Simoleons Hack – How much Simoleons you want, just put the value in digits.
  • SimCash Hack – Just put the value in digits and gets the SimCash you want.
  • Experience Level Hack – Increase your Experience Level with this tool.
  • Social Points Hack – Just increase your Social Points, no need to building more relations.
This tool has been developed by specialized coder who have done many cheat engines for Facebookgames.Now With The Sims Social Hack tool there is an option of browser. You can select required browser that you used to play the sims social, it is advice to use this hack with proxies because it would make your account safe from getting detected.In our new update we will add this automatic feature that will definitely help you using the Sims Social hack tool to use the proxy of required country instead of searching it on the internet.

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