Cityville AllBot Version 3.2

CityVille Addicts!! You can now beat your friends and leave them godsmacked on how you just dominated them inCityVille using this tool to generate farm cash and coins.. buy everything you want its all yours!!
cityville allbot1 Cityville AllBot Version 3.2
This brand new released CityVille Hack is definitely one of the best hack you can find online, it has almost all features you can need, starting from unlimited coins adding to your account and ending with bot functions, like auto building business for you and much more. These CityVille Cheats 100% works – all what you do with it stays for ever in your account and do not gone like with a lot of free hacks, which you can find on the internet, it does it’s job perfectly. Also it has ANTI-BAN feature so it keeps your account really safe, hack is virally undetectable. We still working with this hack, all updates will be available in program.
  • Cash Editor
  • Coins Editor
  • Unlimited Energy
  • Goods Generator
  • Invite all friends as Neighbor
  • Auto Complete Current goals
  • Auto collect rents
  • Auto Supply goods
  • Collect all gifts
  • Auto harvest crops
  • Auto complete buildings



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