Duke Nukem Forever STEAM UNLOCKED

Duke Nukem Forever STEAM UNLOCKED

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Game Description


FPS fans of you have heard of Duke Nukem game now! However, Raytheon has not yet appeared in a number of people immersed in it Oh, she looks more and more popular these games, the production company is also planning to let GOD Games Duke Nukem came back to reproduce the past glory.

As we all know, these games there is no story, as long as players can kill to cut, and the sight of blood is not to become dizzy, Duke Nukem is also true of the times, the plot is fairly simple, the game’s background is the evil Dr. Proton occupied Nevada is located in the outskirts of the mysterious Area 51 military base, Area 51 and also control the spacecraft. Like to take this war to stop him our hero Duke Nukem and also to show the hero character, eliminating those pesky alien and